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Do you have a problem? We have a solution. We will take care of the compatibility of inputs and outputs on different platforms, the security of your files, the automation of business processes, as well as the connection of mobile applications with your company's internal system. Experienced members of our team will design an optimal solution that will help you save time, financial and human resources, but above all, avoid obstacles in your work with information technology.


Our experts are happy to listen to the problems you must deal with, in regards to the processes in your company. We thoroughly analyze your needs and propose the optimal solution using the most modern systems and latest trends. We adapt everything to maintain the processes to which you and your employees are used to. We eliminate problems that slow down and often make it impossible to solve work responsibilities in your business. We will show you that information systems can also listen to you reliably.


After a thorough analysis of your needs, we will design and develop integration processes that will help you in further work with data and databases, information systems, servers, but also with the interconnection of all mentioned segments. The final solutions, which we create for you, are sufficiently tested before implementation and easy to grasp for each client. Our solutions are designed to help you save time, money, and human resources so that you can focus on your business and not on a dysfunctional system.


Our cooperation does not simply end with the implementation of our solutions for your systems and processes. We can provide you with various levels of support, from monitoring and analysis of possible errors to comprehensive service and care for new processes that will become a part of your company. The immediate solution to any emerging problems for your ultimate comfort, transparency, and security while working with information technology, is guaranteed. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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API management

API management is an interface that helps you communicate between two different systems, applications, platforms, or other data sources. API management will help you convert data outputs from one application that you need to process in another application. At the same time, setting up the API correctly will help you automate certain processes. It can be set unidirectionally or bidirectionally. We can connect individual systems and automate communication between them.

I want API Management


Using a service-oriented architecture, we can integrate individual systems and processes that are not platform-dependent. This is the most flexible solution, which, when set up correctly, requires only minimal intervention in the measures taken. Thanks to the service-oriented architecture, you can respond to new needs in your work processes and immediately adjust them to new requirements. SOA helps you save time and money to increase the efficiency of your work.

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BPM systems are used to analyze and subsequently simplify the processes in your business that follow each other logically. Many processes and operations can be automated, saving you time that you can use for other business-related responsibilities. Modern systems (order, warehouse, HR) offer various options for the automation of processes. From the simplest categorization of orders to advanced methods, in which the system independently evaluates each situation and maintains it according to pre-set parameters.

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Big Data

Larger companies will sooner or later encounter the problem of how to deal with large amounts of data. Huge database systems, hundreds of gigabytes of data, but also ordinary tables, which are impossible to work with using standard information systems, need to be securely stored, encrypted, migrated, but also analyzed and worked with. We implement processes into your systems that will make it easier for you to work with said data while maintaining the highest level of security and efficiency of your work.

Process my data


Microservices are essentially the opposite of monolithic systems. In recent years, they have become the first choice of many companies in choosing the right processes for specific solutions. Thanks to microservices, you can operatively respond to every situation in your system. They will help you achieve higher performance and scalability. We will be happy to introduce you to the possibilities of using micro-services on specific examples tailored to your business.

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ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is used increasingly more in the deployment of business systems. This "bus" can "transport" all the services you use, ensure interaction between them, data transmission as well as process automation. The ESB bus is an ideal solution in the B2B segment, which requires maximum efficiency of individual processes. We will show you modern methods of using ESB not only in the B2B segment but also in the internal processes in your company.

I want B2B and ESB management


Cloud systems are not only used in the private sector for archiving photos or listening to music. For large companies, the cloud represents a safe and effective tool for integrating individual applications and working with data. The cloud gives you access to the data and systems you require from anywhere in the world. Here, however, its possibilities are just beginning. We will design an optimal solution for you to use the cloud for any tasks that result from your business activities.

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Mobile applications are slowly replacing classic computer programs as well as web interfaces. As they gradually try to make their way into the work environment, we are looking for ways to connect them with the commonly used systems. We can link the tools that are used in your company with the mobile application for their simplified use. We will perform the entire integration at a high level of security to protect your data, but also the data of your customers. We'll show you what mobile apps can offer.

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The collection and processing of huge amounts of data are currently applied according to the rules of the Internet of Things philosophy. In the private sector, we encounter such a system, for example, in smart homes. Perfect interconnection of systems and subsequent automation of processes according to pre-set parameters, which the system can autonomously evaluate, can now also be used in your company. We will introduce you to the possibilities of this modern and constantly evolving trend.

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File transfer management

Do you need to securely process and transfer large amounts of data? Or change the data that pertains to your customers? Current security trends and GDPR place increasing demands on secure data processing. We will design a solution for data migration between individual systems using modern protocols that will comply with all the above requirements. We will ensure the encryption of this data to prevent potential attempts of misuse.

I want file migration

Business applications

We can ensure mutual integration for all the applications you use for your business. It doesn't matter if you need to link the ordering system with inventory or the HR system with the accounting system. Most systems that are currently in use can work together. We will show you how to connect them and how to bridge the gaps between individual processes, which can be automated by well-thought-out steps. We will prepare a tailor-made solution for you.

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The group of processes and tools called DevOps has the task of analyzing, reworking, and subsequently monitoring the cooperation between different teams. In short, this could be compared to a language spoken by all the workers involved. The main task of DevOps is to save time not only at work but also when troubleshooting. The constant implementation of DevOps analyzes solves individual problems so that they do not manifest in the future. The client thus saves considerable financial costs.

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