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During many years of experience in this industry, we have already helped hundreds of satisfied clients, who now use information systems for their business without any problems. Fire, electricity, social networks, but also information systems are a good servant, but a bad master. Take full control of all processes and systems in your business and always get a perfect overview of how to keep individual segments in functional settings and perfect compatibility.


We have helped our clients get all payments under control and other essentials related to them. Interconnection of internal systems, confirmation of payments, payment gateways, storage of sensitive data, but also the interconnection of payments with other platforms in your company. Read the case studies of individual clients. We can prepare an applicable solution for you. Feel free to contact us.


With the help of invoicing, we can load data from various documents into an application chosen by our customer. If you need a clearer system for handling and analyzing important documents, invoicing is the right solution for you. Read case studies from this area. We can, of course, prepare an individual solution tailored to your needs.

Human Resources

Every company, either small or large, needs an HR system. With a larger number of employees, it is necessary to automate attendance, wages, benefits, but also rewards, penalties, lunches, and all other requirements that apply to your employees. Read what specific challenges we have solved for our clients at the human resources level and what these innovations brought to our clients.

Order management

Dig through your ordering system and link it with other applications that you use in your segment. You can automate the receipt of orders, assign individual tickets to specific departments, but also compile statistics to help you make the best decisions in the future. We will show you the most recent procedures in the field of ordering systems used in the world.


Connecting logistics systems with other applications (ordering system, payments, shipment tracking, inventory), as well as in-time changes in delivery data are procedures used by many modern companies. Learn how you can automate and efficiently evaluate processes related to the logistics of goods in your company. We look forward to helping you get things right.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a modern concept that helps automate data transfer between systems and their mutual integration. Connecting two different systems from different countries is not a problem. Read the latest case studies from this area. If you are interested in similar services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare an individual tailor-made solution for you.

Management tools

Do you need to connect your favorite tools to another system? Have you encountered a problem with insufficient compatibility? We will show you that every problem can be solved using modern methods of integration of individual applications. Read demonstrations of what we have prepared for our clients. We will prepare an individual solution made for you. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Enterprise Applications

If data collection from several different sources and subsequent implementation of said sources into a single data file you can work with and further analyze on your chosen platform is your goal, this service is for you. We have prepared several different solutions for our clients, which you can see in the case studies. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.


We regularly encounter migration when a client needs to collect interfaces or data from one, often obsolete platform, and move them to a newly selected platform. Employee training is also related to this process. We'll show you how all data can be moved safely without the risk of losing it in the process, and also, why it's often worth switching to more modern systems, even if you have your preferred ones.

Salesforce integration

The main task of salesforce-related projects is to serve as a hub for other internal applications and to ensure seamless integration between them. This service is used by a large number of our clients. It can be "tailor-made" for almost all known system applications. Read about its possibilities, or contact us directly with your specific problem, which we will be happy to solve for you.


Connecting individual portals has never been easier. In these case studies, you will learn how data can be transferred between platforms, how its mutual integration proceeds, and even how the entire system can be automated. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you, which will help you solve problems with data conversion between specific platforms via middleware.

Data visualization

Data visualization is a crucial element in any work with databases. Thanks to quality visualizations, we can more accurately analyze results, failures as well as successes. Share them, learn from them, and increase the efficiency of our work. Work with data efficiently despite its huge size. Read the case studies on data visualization that we have prepared for our satisfied clients

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