About our company

We are a family business made up of a young team of people with a love for information technologies. We pride ourselves on more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We are based in Bratislava and the majority of our clients are global foreign companies with thousands of employees and dozens of branches around the world. We help them with integrating an abundance of information systems and data.

Our main idea

... is to constantly learn and adjust solutions to the latest systems and procedures. This mindset is one of the reasons satisfied clients return to us, enabling our cooperation to continue as new and new demands towards information systems and their integration develop. If you never want to be surprised by new obstacles in the field of information technology, entrust them to us.

Our team



Managing director

With more than 15 years of experience with integration, Igor decided to share his accumulated knowledge and passion with this field of work and started IGT Consulting s.r.o. His philosophy is raising young, dynamic, and highly skilled individuals who can both work as part of well-functioning teams and independently overcome any challenges that might come.



Technical Lead

Marek's primary goal is to keep up with the fast-growing and expanding industry standards and provide exceptional technical support and solutions for his teammates. His specialty is creating custom solutions that fit specific needs, especially if there is no available solution on the market.



Project manager

Company processes, budgets, and deadlines, this man has visibility into every activity happening in our company. Marko is responsible for the majority of our projects from start to finish. Leveraging every tool in company disposal to maximize efficiency while ensuring maximal customer satisfaction.



System Administrator

No system can function adequately without a skilled system administrator who can maintain the system in an up-to-date state and solve any hardware or software problems that might occur. Miroslav provides precisely these skillets, acting as the server administrator and an on-site consultant, with the main focus on security and efficiency.



Lead developer

From his first project integrating a large-scale invoicing system to his current position as lead developer and team leader, Miroslav's primary focus remained the same. Working efficiently and utilizing each individual's skills to their full potential is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction and satisfaction between team members.



Lead developer

As lead developer and team leader, Miroslav's primary goal is to ensure work quality while leveraging each individual's most substantial assets, encouraging communication and teamwork. In his own words, the most vital aspect is providing each team member with all the necessary tools and knowledge to excel and develop their personal and professional skillsets.

Do you want to be a part of our team?

We are always looking for ambitious colleagues who will fit perfectly into our team. Feel free to send us your CV.

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A career in our company

We are looking for skilled people in our team who have the same work commitment as us. Below you will find vacancies that need to be occupied soon. We are happy to provide room for all ideas that will help our clients solve their problems faster and more efficiently. If you feel that this is the right way for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you in person.