Integration history

13.09.2021 • Barbora Bačenková • Stories


As we are interested in integration and middleware so let´s start with a quick integration history lesson.

Ancient time

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was born
  • Internet is about to pop up on the scene
  • Big companies discovered that some supply chain processes with their customers/suppliers are more effective if they are done electronically
  • X12 and EDIFACT message standards were created
  • A lot of business logic is involved in the integration
  • Connections are point-to-point

Middle Ages

  • The canonical concept was invented to support B2B processes where more and more similar parties are involved
  • Monolithic architecture with reusable code parts is decreasing development cost and simplifying support
  • Multiple Standard Transmission protocols are commonly used: RFC 675, TCP/IP
  • Integration contains a lot of transformation but limited business logic
  • XML, W3C and SOAP reach the pinnacle
  • First tries with ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) approach

Early Modern period

  • Dataminig is the key
  • Moving everything to Cloud
  • REST/JSON can do more jobs – we don´t need to use so many protocols
  • Agile approach beats companies – the waterfall should be forgotten
  • Microservices concept are more used as Monolithic one
  • Responsibility for transformation was moved to the application level

Late Modern period (today)

  • Hybrid Integration
  • CI/CD and DevOps ending an era of Cowboy Development
  • Data Specialists are comming for integrated data
  • API (REST/JSON) is still the best integration way
  • "WHATEVER as s service" solutions are giving you so many options - which one is THE BEST?

Written by Barbora Bačenková

Barbora has experience in enterprise processes, team building, and company collaboration. Academic background in information management makes sure that complex IT projects such as technology updates and deployments are on time, and within budget.

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